Couleur Caramel Blusher n°52 – Fresh Pink

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Pink Tone. An essential product for irresistible cheeks. Sculpt your face and create a natural, healthy glow using Couleur Caramel’s blush powders. Blushers come in rechargeable packaging so take a look at our palette options to house your beautiful eyeshadows! Accessories
Use Couleur Caramel Brush n°3, (retractable and perfect for the handbag) and pick up a little color of your blush. Diffuse gently across the top of the cheekbone out towards the temples. Micronized pigments for unbelievable density and wear, and very little is needed. Vegetable oils treat and soften the skin while you wear it, however, no oils can be felt to the touch, just a silky feel.