Il Frutteto-Vegetable Bar Soap 250gr

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Extra fine vegetable soap developed in the sun of a beautiful Florentine orchard. Versions: Fig and Almond Milk (moisturizing and soothing) Citrus and Bergamot (energizing and refreshing) Pomegranante and Blackcurrant (nourishing and toning) Red Grapes and Blueberry (nourishing and illuminating) Peach and Melon (sweetening and toning) Olive Oil and Tangerine (moisturizing and nourishing) Mint and Quince Pear ( draining and purifying) Black Cherry and Red Berries (antioxidant and protective) Medlar and Jujube (sweetening and anti-stress).

Triple milled natural vegetal soap that combines rare and noble raw materials together with refined and precious oils. The slow process of boiling in big cauldron respect the delicate equilibrium and magnifies the fragrances that fit the body and personalities of each person , because WITH LOVE AND CARE® triple milled natural and vegetal soap are not appealing only for the fragrance itself but also for the enhancing image of the person that it suggests.