INSIGHT-Lenitive- Scalp Comfort Cream-Soothing and calming cream for the irritated scalp. No rinse formula.

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In spite of being protected by the hair, sometimes the scalp can appear reddened. There can be many possible causes underlying this condition: incorrect diet choices, skin diseases, allergies or situations of heavy stress. The result can be the thinning and loss of hair and, in general, less healthy looking hair. To eliminate the skin inflammation that causes the redness, it is essential to use suitable products with a soothing, calming function, like those of the INSIGHT LENITIVE line. 

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

Nickel tested ‹ 0,5 ppm 

Size 100 ml


Rebalances the epidermal function of the scalp and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. 

How to use

After washing hair with the dermo-calming shampoo, apply the cream directly to the reddened areas of the scalp. Massage gently then dry. It can also be used on dry hair. 



Indian fig extract + organic aloe extract + organic mallow extract